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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
I was like that for about 10 months! Gradually I started to feel like I could actually maintain a lower weight, healthier lifestyle, which includes monitoring my food intake and my exercise.
Then I knew phasing off wouldn't be so scary. My Fitness Pal has been a huge help with that!

Excessive heat is just one more reason why the scale doesn't tell the whole story of our weight loss journey. Lets make sure we're not falling prey to worshiping the scale. It is ONE tool on this fantastic journey.

I haven't been on the scale in 3 weeks (away from home. Every scale is different). I put on some jeans last nite (heat wave ended here) and they were definitely bigger than last time I wore them. Still headed in the right direction, scale or no scale, heat or no heat, P1 or P3!
Lisa good for you...! I bet you've lost on what you've been doing. Time for a new photo??

My family history, which is most likely boring to others, is part of my anxiety... has me itching to be more in control of these real factors that make me nervous. A lot of what I've read indicates that long term.(.and after 6 months ...I am getting into that category...) can bring sub-clinical health problems closer to the surface. Sensitivities to ingredients and thyroid problems are not isolated after people start this protocol as we have read and you have experienced. Kidney problems scare the *#@**7!! out of me, esp after working in health care and often with the OP dialysis units.
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