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Originally Posted by Goodtimes View Post
Have you talked to your doctor about this? Sounds like you should! I would be concerned too! It sounds like you had a good check-up recently but it did not review your renal health?
All blood work looks good...and my BP is normal lowside which sounds great. I am just jittery because my sister who is 2 yrs younger than I, actually has always had low BP as well...but apparently during menopause was having BP spikes that were missed on regular cks. And she is a health care professional...just as I have a background in that. Her bp spikes along with a cystic (hereditary) problem caused a mini stroke resulting in her totally losing vision in one eye, and damage to her kidneys which now has resulted in a very poor glomerular filtration rate. She is of course being watched much more carefully these days, but we are worried about her all the time. She would not be a candidate for this diet at all. She is on a restricted sodium and low purine diet for the rest of her life hoping that can avert dialysis or transplant. She is averse to starting dialysis, because she is widowed and her job has her traveling. This was all discussed with my MD and she ran all the appropriate tests early on in my journey on this diet. All of the siblings had this discussion with our docs after the cystic kidney disease was confirmed. I am the oldest of 6...and she had no symptoms as a younger person. The kidney stuff all came to light within the last 2 years. We are still learning.
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