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Default Water Retention and IP

Hi all..
My questions, but your thoughts, wisdom and opinions being solicited. It's about water retention...what are some of you who have been on this long enough to understand your body and this diet experiencing? I know the heat...and we sure have had "extreme" the last few weeks...can affect fluid retention a bit or in some of us...a lot..

However; I feel I'm struggling with that issue a bunch more than I want to...and as careful as I am..watching and reading carefully, adding very little or NO salt to my food, drinking 90+ oz of water a day, I still wake up often with my rings tight...and see the scale registers a little bit of a gain from earlier in the week. I do weigh daily so I can monitor what may have taken place the day before and modify if needed. Processed foods from the IP plan have more sodium that I would regularly eat in "real" everyday life..there is no doubt in my mind of that and it's been a concern of mine since early on with IP. I am thinking of taking a few weeks off and going it on real I can control the sodium for the rest of the summer. Thoughts? I know I have the discipline to plan/shop appropriately and stick to 2 meals and 1 snack of about 100 calories and meet the protein and carb/fat guidelines. I really want to get this last bit of weight off...but think the combo of the heat and the processed nature and sodium OF IP is slowing me down here in the last few weeks. I did have a virtual CT scan colonoscopy (love anesthesia unless they find something) a few weeks ago, and my body is working fine. The report from a virtual is give you info on all your organs....and also main blood vessels.(actually stated no plaque visualized important words for me as my dad had his first stent at a young age) Report came back as a most unremarkable citation on colon and all abdominal and chest organs......

Except that the radiologist sent an addendum to my Physician stating "Upon comparison to the study from 5 years ago...patient appears to have lost significant subcutaneous adipose tissue"... !!!!
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