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size8 Good to see you again! Hey, 2lbs is great!

Ready for A Change CONGRATS! You made it! I haven't weighed a few days. Measurement wise I know I'm smaller though according to clothing and sizes.

Really enjoying my new eating style I feel a lot less crazy and a lot more satisfied. I feel like I'm actually in control of my body. I've also found that it 1. doesn't actually take that much food for me to get to the point of not feeling hungry anymore and 2. that I prefer eating every 1-2 hours. Here I had always though of myself as a bigger meal once per day kind of person, but really my body craves snacks. I realize I was eating more before because of calorie counting, I felt like I had to eat a certain amount at a certain time. Like thursday was perfect. I had a berry mango smoothie for breakfast, a couple hours later had a little baggie of raw veggies, an hour later a hard boiled egg, an hour later some fruit, and hour later a hard boiled egg, an hour later a small sandwich, an hour later some berries and nuts, and 2 hours after some some veggie gyoza and rice. Strangely enough it seems the longer I wait to eat, the more voracious I get and then I have trouble stopping and feeling satisfied. Sorry to go on and on about this but I find it really fascinating! haha
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