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Default Fast Food is horrible.

Not just for you, but TASTING. Also, the service sucks.

I've been planning a cheat meal for months, "10 days clean" I tell myself, and you get to go to McDonalds and order an entire meal (sans the drink..300 calories of sugar water is worth nothing)! "It will be delicious, you deprive yourself of incredible satiating, savory fast food, to which millions have gone to perfectly engineer irresistible morsels of flavor. That's what you get to eat. In 10 days."

Well, binge eating once a week meant I never my 10 goal, for 2 months I never met my goal and I still haven't. Today is only Day 8, but I decided I would have a 'diet' cheat meal within my normal lunch time calorie range (400-600 depending on how active I am). I went to McDonalds to order a deluxe quarter pounder (350cal w/out the bread) and an ice cream cone (170cal but they often overfill the cone so I allotted 250cal for this). I pull up the drive through window and wait for the girl to take my order. And I wait. 6 minutes starving in 90 degree weather I wait with my windows down for this girl to take my order getting more and more agitated by the second. Finally, I order, a deluxe quarter pounder and an ice cream cone, $5 for a beef patty. I pay and pull up to the next window and wait another 3 minutes before being handed a quarter pounder and an iced coffee. "I didn't order a coffee, I ordered an ice cream cone" I say, sort of fuming. "The machine is broken" I am told.

More frustrated than ever, I get my money back, bolt across the street to Wendy's for a jr. frosty (200cal, these have a top on the cup so I can count on the calorie count being accurate) and speed home so I can devour everything in time to go the gym before they close.

I get home and pull the long belated burger out of the package. The bread is barely toasted, there is only one piece of lettuce and one slice of tomato, the burger appeared microwaved and is poorly seasoned, there's hardly any onion and the pickles are only in the center. I toss the bread out (okay, I had one bite of the bread for research purposes...) and take a bite. The meat is rubbery and bland, the tomato is grainy (you know how tomato gets that's been sitting in the fridge for too long), and the whole thing needs salt or something.

This burger sucks, and like that, my mystical interpretation of fast food has faded. Completely ignoring nutrition, with $5 and 15 minutes (about the time I spent in line at the drive through + driving in and out of the lot) I could make something that tastes much better than what I once thought were immaculately crafted recipes to be sought after and designed to addict.

I recommend everyone try a fast food meal with a mind free of stress and cravings, when you're hungry but aren't particularly craving fast food. It really doesn't taste too good and will serve to disassociate fast food from ultimate culinary pleasure. I like these 'diet' cheat meals though, they fit within my normal calorie slot, they're psychologically satisfying, and I as long I go the gym right after, I don't have to worry about the meal not being totally filling (I never get hungry when working out). I'll probably go somewhere else next week but the occasion has been knocked off its pedestal.

I should say though that the frosty was delicious...
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