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Good morning everyone! It's another beautiful day in the NW! I only have a few minutes as the grandchildren are coming over and spending the night and we are expecting them any time now.

I did well on my eating plan yesterday. Ended the day with 1405 calories and good on my daily carb count. My weight was down again today so one more pound to get back down to 164. I am very tired of going up and down like this though so I hope I've learned my lesson.

Not much going on here here and I hope to get my voting done this morning ...just a local primary...but I have to look up almost every candidate as I don't know them.

Jess/Donna - Enjoy the rest of your time off...glad you get to go to the wedding.

Cajun - No dh is NOT catching fish...not as in bringing them home at least. Sometimes he hooks them but they get away. He used to catch so many but in the last several years now he rarely does. Not sure why. The salmon/steelhead runs don't seem to be as good as they used to be but there are times when others are catching them and he still doesn't. If you are in a boat it is much better. But anyway he enjoys fishing (you should be here to fish with him!) and just being out there. I like to fish too but not sure I could pull in a big salmon/steelhead. Also I prefer the kind of fishing where I can just sit and wait for a bite (while reading a book!) and that is not the way this is. You have to throw it out and bring it back in all the time. He used to catch so much salmon and we had lots in our freezer most of the year. He also smoked some of it. In the spring he goes shad fishing...he still gets lot of shad but we don't eat it...he freezes it to use for crab bait in the fall. I do like to crab off the dock. We have two crab pots which dh throws out and then we sit on the dock and use fishing poles with crab traps on them. That's what I do. I don't eat them but dh and our kids love the dungeness. We usually keep a few of the larger red crab too for some friends who like them. Right now we have plans to go in Nov.

Glynne - What a day! Hope everything will still be like you need it the next time you work.
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