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Originally Posted by 2aHealthierMe View Post
Hi Underwater! What is HMR?
Hope you don't mind me answering. HMR = Health Management Resources, is the leading company providing weight management programs, products and services to medical schools and hospitals. More medical centerd use HMR products than any other brand. Products include shakes, bars, soups, and entrees (and the program requires a minimum of 5 servings fruits and veggies).

Dr. James Anderson with Dietician Nancy Gustafson wrote the book, The Simple Diet, modeled after HMR. While Dr. Anderson never mentions HMR in the book, he cites his and other research studies using The Simple Diet and if you go to the journal articles for the in-patient studies, you find that HMR products were used.

In the book, Dr. Anderson tells us in the book, that the program using shakes alone was not as effective. People found it harder to stick to. They found that adding the entrees and veggies/fruit and saw better compliance and weight loss outcomes. They did not limit fruits and vegetables, because the research found that patients who ate the most veggies and fruit lost the most weight. He does teach guidelines for choosing the best choices for weight loss.

The Simple diet uses grocery store shakes, soups, bars, and frozen dinners to match the HMR products. The basic plan is 3 shakes, 2 entrees, and 5 servings of veggies or fruits. If you're still hungry, you're encouraged to eat more veggied and fruit and if you're desperate a shake, bar, soup or entree is considered a better "cheat" than going off plan. Bars are to be considered emergency rations because they're not as filling as other options.

We have a couple Simple Diet threads that list the guidelines for each food category. The book explains the guidelines as well, gives shake recipes, and lists of store products that meet the guidelines (I just take a little card with the guidelines written on it to the grocery store).

I have been on liquid diets in the past, and I find it very difficult to stomach for more than a week or two. I literally would start to gag at the sight and smell of another shake or pudding.

The entrees make all the diffetence for me.
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