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Hey girls....

The wedding plans are all set. We are doing it at an outdoor clubhouse in our community. It kinda looks like an oversized gazebo. We originally were shooting for 60 people but that number has quickly elevated to 80, grrrr. We are going a luau theme so we are both really excited about that. We have a DJ, and it is going to be a complete surprise to our guest that we hired luau performers. It is one hula girl, an mc, and a firedancer, plus TONS of tropical decor including a tiki hut bar. Again...surprise so dont say anything, haha. The only thing that has not been taken care of is my dress but I am waiting until January to get it, as the wedding is March 8th and I am hoping to lose a lot more weight between now and then. I keep showing a friend various dresses that I like and her response on EVERY dress is "your too big for that" ....*eyeroll*....apparantly an 8 is a fat arse, lol. Anyway, she is my motivation right now because it really ticks me off everytime she says that. I think I know what dress I want but it is from overseas and you cannot get it here so it would be a huge gamble, so I really have to make sure I am in the best shape ever. :-) The food for the wedding is caribbean chicken, kalua pork, stir fry veggies, caribbean rice, red garlic potatoes and rolls and butter. Its a buffet. And we are doing a cupcake tower for the cake with a full round cake as the topper so we can "cut" it. I am so OCD so I wanted to take care of everything immediately. Oh, and our colors are coral and go with the tropical theme. :-)

I am working out 4 days a week and trying to just do small portions of everything. I was debating on doing a cleanse starting next week because I havent done one in a while so I will keep you posted on that.

Dance - details on the new guy. And what are you doing with exercise and food these days. Also...what size are you wearing being at 155? I am so excited to get to that weight one day.
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