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Originally Posted by missunshine View Post
omg, kitty i just came here to announce that i baked today and didn't binge on it and i'm so proud and i read your post that you baked too. hehe and great job on week five
i stopped counting my days but so far so good. trying to lose some weight untill a wedding in august, am exercising a bit and notice a little change in my booty which is great.
Isn't it amazing to be able to cook or bake something and leave the majority of it sitting in the pan? that may not be a big deal to normal eaters but it is a HUGE sign of progress for me...and for you too, I'm guessing.

Because I live alone, I can't eat the whole cake before it would go bad (there are about nine portions there). I had one piece on Friday, one on Saturday, and a few bites today. I put two more portions into individual containers, then threw out the rest. I didn't want to be tempted, and I think the rest would go bad before I ate them.

I have never allowed myself to cook something that is more than one portion, or to buy anything that isn't wrapped in individual portions because I will eat the whole thing. Maybe it is time to start thinking about buying a bag of something, like cookies, and see if I can just eat one serving.
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