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At twelve years old, I told my pediatrician that I could lose weight easily if it weren't for pms/tom hunger. I also had very heavy, very painful periods and a long period on a short cycle. The doctor told my mother we could try birth control, but that weight gain was more common than weight loss.

Mom and I were both too worried about weight gain to take the risk. I didn't try birth control until my mid twenties when my period had gotten so painful, weight gain was the least of my worries.

I didn't lose any weight, but I did stop bingeing and gaining, and my periods were a lot less painful and on a 28 day cycle instead of 23-25.

Now, I'm finding at 47, that even on birth control, my hormones and menstral cycle are going haywire. A few days ago, after an unexpected gain of a few pounds, I woke with severe cramps and sure enough started my period, even though it wasn't due for 8 days.

I shudder to think what the symptoms would be like if I weren't on the birth control.

The pms/tom hunger is getting worse too - not as bad as before bc, but still noticeably worse than I've had to deal with on bc before.

So far, my doctor has reassured me that all the wacky symptoms are perfectly normal, and there's not much that can be done, that I'm not already doing.

It's driving me batty (which is a short trip, I'll admit).
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