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I want to wait a few weeks to weigh myself, so for now I'll post without knowing my weight!

I was ROCKING it early this week. Ate great, killer workouts, etc. But something seems to always happen to stop my progress! And I know it's excuses, but last week I got fire ant bites on my hand (don't laugh, they made my hand swell from my fingers to halfway down my arm and any movement made it hurt very badly). Finally got back into it on Monday, and after a few days, my knee problems flared up again! This is on the back of the last few months (getting a tooth pulled and having it get infected, getting another tooth filling done, knee problem, and ankle acting up). I just want my body to WORK!!

Anyways...sorry for the mini rant As soon as my knee feels better, I have a whole new plan for exercise. I am avoiding the things that bother it (jumps and heavy weight squats), I am adding in the accessory muscles to support knee health, I'm adding in MORE stretches and will DO them to support knee health, and I will get a foam roller. I also will NOT jump and twist in zumba, but I will still do it! I will not let this be an excuse anymore!

Yesterday I went off my eating plan. I tend to do that when I get frustrated...all my mental willpower is zapped. But, my off plan wasn't nearly as bad as it's been in the past, so I am back on it today!
7/1/13 My Goal: to be 150lbs! for every mini goal met
Mini goal 1: 160 (my lowest consistent weight)
Mini goal 2: 156 (my lowest adult weight EVER)
Mini goal 3: to SEE 150 (New territory!!)
GOAL: To have a fluctuation be UNDER 150
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