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Well then call it nutrient dense, not 'real'. I agree that not all food is nutrient dense but it doesn't necessarily need to be. I think too many people try to demonize too many foods and it isn't all or nothing. Calling something 'real' is making a judgement call and I think judgement calls about food can lead to eating disorders which isn't a good thing. It is about what works for you.

And I wanted to give an example of my husband. We eat a very nutrient dense diet but I add little sodium to our diet (I add more than I used to though because I had problems with low blood pressure) and not a lot of fat. I mean I don't worry too much about adding olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts, etc but it still isn't a lot. My husband is at the bottom range of the normal BMI and was told by his doctor to keep his weight up. He does this by eating nuts and tortilla chips. Now I wouldn't recommend for the average person to eat tortilla chips, which aren't very nutrient dense but they are calorically dense as well as adding some fat to my husband's diet. I could also make the tortillas, then make the chips but that is a bit of work and I work full time The chips we buy have 3-4 ingredients so it is ok in my book.
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