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Originally Posted by amt6 View Post
Ishbel, how long had you been on IP before your trip? Do you know how long Jenny was on before hers? I am concerned that I am "too new" and my body won't bounce back quite as well as yours did. I have been on for 8 weeks.
I think I had one month left after vaca till goal (12 months on Phase 1), stats are in my goal album. It's a mental game, beginning and an end just like the diet. The skills you gain during phase 1 are the same mental skills you use in maintenance. I don't think it's how your body responds but more how determined you are.

Make a list of reasons why you started this, how far you've come to get this far and what type of mental work you've completed to get you here. Also, find a before picture and take a right now picture. Make this a poster for you to review everyday on vacation and then when your home post it on you bathroom mirror to read EVERYDAY!

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