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Default Phasing Off for Vacation

I would love to hear your opinions on phasing off temporarily to go on vacation. This is not just any vacation, but Hawaii. I am not planning to go crazy and eat pure junk, but I do want to have the option of a glass of wine every now and then and possibly some off programs foods. Though I have heard that rice is a staple there, I am choosing not to have any. I truly have appreciated the changes I've seen in my body and I do not want to go back to my old ways of eating. (I see it, I want it, I eat it) In the time I've been on IP I've seen plenty that I've wanted but have empowered myself to say no and to choose to stay on plan.

I also plan on running when I'm there (to hopefully off set my slight dietary changes). I already have an appointment to weigh in when I return and plan to get back on IP and reach my goal.

My center said yes I can totally do this. But like I said, I'd love to hear what my community of IPers think. Thanks

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WI 10: -1.2

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