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Default Real food

I'm going to take a risk that I'll offend some peeps here. I know there are lots of people here who make exceptional choices with their diet. But some of us (and I spent a portion of my life doing the same) seem to go for food that has had the nourishing life sucked out of it.

Please eat real food! Real food kicks a$$! It's full of good stuff. The flavors range from nuanced and sublime to somebody-please-call-the-fire-department. It's all high in nutrition, low in sodium. Some of it is even completely sugar free and fat free. And the stuff that naturally has sugar in it comes with lots of fiber. And the stuff that is fatty is actually good for you in moderation and your body needs it.

Knowing how to cook real food is so hot! Really, ladies, if a guy invited you over for dinner and he took the time to cook you a good dinner with yummy roasted cauliflower, a lovely grilled wild salmon, some nutty whole grain pilaf with real Irish butter, and some wine, plus grilled peaches on real vanilla ice cream, you'd be wondering what he was making you for breakfast!

Buy some food that doesn't come with packaging, one thing a week, and figure out what to do with it. The Internet is packed with good recipes. Don't be afraid to eat something green that grew in the ground. If you have to throw it out, that is not a sin. However, eating faux-food that destroys your temple (your body) is!

Make your salad fill half your dinner plate and eat it before you eat anything else on your plate. Then eat your protein source. And if you still have room, then eat your whole grain, that shouldn't be more than 25% of your plate. And don't get architectural on me and build the Matterhorn with mashed potatoes on your plate in that one corner like my boys do! No high-rise carbs!

Okay, stepping off my soap box for the day. Yes, I am on my period...

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