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Natasha- You know it's bad when a buzzard is the high point! And I thought some of MY dates were bad. Thanks for the giggle!

Ruth- Yuck! Tooo hot and toooo humid! I suppose it's a bit stereotypical/ignorant of me, but I never thought of Canada in general as a place that got hot. There goes my plan of moving there to be cooler! Good luck at your appointment.

Nothing planned today really. Supposedly going to the temp agency to pick up my things, but we'll see. Other than that...oh, and tutoring tonight, I have an open agenda. I'm hoping if I eat a big salad before I go to Panera to tutor, I won't be tempted. Why couldn't she want to tutor at a meat-fest type place? I'd be okay there!

I hope everyone is having an A/C filled day so far! *sits in front of Blizzard fan*

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I'd make a new post for this, but then there'd be two back to back from me and that's kinda silly. Anyway, I just got back from my tutoring session at Panera, and I just wanted to let everyone know I totally kicked carb butt! Granted, I had two cups of coffee instead, but still! No soup in a bread bowl! No baguette! No bagel! No pastry (they were out of my favorite anyway )

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