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Hi, Feathers!

Sorry I've been MIA, but life is SOoooo busy right now. I'm still taking this horrendous 4-hour class every morning that is sucking my day (and summer) away, my ex is still here visiting and so I'm doing a lot of stuff with him, and I'm just trying to catch up on various appointments, social stuff, etc.

So the holidays didn't do my weight any good, and it bumped right back up to the 150 realm, but I'm on it. I WILL be at 140 by the end of the summer.

What I really need is good advice from people who have lost a significant amount of weight on workouts. Running? I can do that, but it's so hot right now I don't really feel like it, even indoors. I've been going on long walks. I think I need to know -- what is it that helped mold your body as you lost? Hardcore lifting? something like Pilates? I'm being COMPLETELY indecisive when it comes to trying to plan my workout part of this! This week I'm focusing more on just getting my diet together. I'm basically doing Paleo at this point, not just for reasons of weight loss but because grains/wheat/dairy REALLY can cause me stomach pain at night. When I eat mostly meat/eggs/vegetables/fruit/nuts with a treat of one square dark chocolate and a glass of wine, my stomach feels just fine over night and I lose weight. So here's to Day 2 of being pretty strict with it.

@chahma - that's good news iwth the measurements! I feel like my measurements have basically stayed the same for the last 10 pounds upward D: (which I don't understand since I know it's not muscle development that caused my weight gain)

@Hoopty - glad you have found a great challenge!

yah, where IS everyone?
Mini-goal 1 = 149
Mini-goal 2 = 144
Mini-goal 3 = 139
Mini-goal 4 = 133
Mini-goal 5 = 125
Goal for real= 120

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