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Perhaps you could try increasing your calorie intake for a short period (not excessively, but a maintenance amount) and then drop them again? I have found that to be effective in the past... not through design, but because i've been defeated by a plateau, given up temporarily, and then found success on restarting!

I have to say you look stunning. I am 5'5" and at 140 lbs I don't look anywhere near as lean as you! Must be all that lovely exercise! Yup, I am excited about California - in large part because of the heat, and also because I am a vegetarian, feminist, hippy type and I have been told California might be my mother land! I will be going to Santa Cruz, but I hope to visit San Francisco and Berkeley. It is my dream to one day attend Berkeley (or at this rate teach, there!).

My Ph.D is in social policy. Specifically violence against women. How lovely that you play the piano! Such a wonderful skill to have. I used to play the violin, twas fun! Do you know what you want to do post university?

One of these for each 5lbs lost:
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