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Originally Posted by Misskelann View Post
That's really good advice, I'm kind of having a few of those days, but overall I'm so impressed by how easy this program is. I love not having to think about anything.

Now, it's just me making myself be active. Why does that have to be so hard?
i think something that would work for you is to find a FUN way to workout. Dancing, playing games, sports, anything that gets the body moving more than the usual. You don't have to be on a treadmill 3 hours a day, running up hills, pulling tires on a rope, running up and down staircases, etc. etc. Funny thing is, the people that do all that really don't progress much more doing it 2 hours than they would just doing it 1 hour.

Try dancing around when you would normally be sitting down. Park farther back at the parking lot and take that longer walk. Every little bit counts, just don't put too much emphasis on it at first and take your time. As you feel more comfortable in that, start challenging yourself slowly and eventually you might feel like hey! If I can do all this, I am gonna try pushing my limits, then BOOM!
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