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Thanks so much everyone!!! I think posting this actually really helped put things in perspective for me. Like I said, I still don't see a difference...probably because I see myself everyday, so I have gradually adjusted to the loss. But there is no denying the loss when I look at the pictures!!

2fat2jump -- totally! When I got pregnant the second time I was in a weight loss groove. After trying for about a year to get motivated, I had finally hit that place where everything snapped into place and I was in the zone and losing weight. When I found out I was pregnant I was petrified of gaining like I did with my first pregnancy (erm, which was close to 100 pounds). Then when I was put on bed rest, the fear was even worse. Then with complications after the pregnancy I was put on bed rest again for another 3 months. It was horrible. I am proud to say that entire time I only gained 10 pounds after the pregnancy was all said and done. But still, it was hard staying the same for about a year. By the time I really could start exercising again, I had totally lost all motivation and it took me awhile to get motivated enough to start again.

My advice is once you start, don't stop! Even if you have to pause for something (like not being able to exercise), at least try to stay on the wagon eating wise. It will keep your goal in mind and your motivation fresh. Because at least for me, once I quit doing both -- then I just kinda gave up and gained everything back. And then it is even harder to want to lose it all over again
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