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I am using NLS products. I live just over the hill from the company, so it only takes 2 days to get my orders instead of a week from Diet Direct. I will be getting some items from that site though, as they have some items that New Lifestyle doesn't and vice versa. I love the grape drink that Wonder Slim has.

I have removed 8.2 lbs since I started on June 25. I am disabled and can't get the aerobic exercise as much as I should, but I use my recumbent stationary bike and a seated yoga DVD that feels amazing. I work at a desk job with 5 minute breaks every hour, so NLS fits in with my lack of time to eat a regular lunch (we work 6 hours).

My sweetie was not too thrilled when he found out I would not be eating as before, but I have shown him that we can still have the same recipes we like for dinner, but I will skip the bread/noodles/potatoes, and the recipes will have some minor tweaks (Splenda in the broccoli salad). I don't think he thought I would stick with it either, as I don't stick to a lot of new things

So far I am loving this, so easy! And I don't have the cravings I had before. Nice to "meet" you.
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