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That is me Thank you! I totally get you on the shaking it up bit, that's why I'm trying to strength train because from what I've heard once you get lower in weight it really starts to make a difference. So I'm trying that and seeing how it'll work I really can't drop my calories any more, I feel like exercise, particularly strength training is what'll get the scale moving at this point for me. bleh. haha

How cool you're coming to california! I live in southern california and my bf lives near santa monica You'll have a great time when you come and I'm sure you'll look great rocking a bikini.

I think giving yourself till next summer to reach 120 is really smart. How tall are you? 120-125 was my original goal as well....but it just seems so far away at this point since I'm only averaging .5 lbs per week. But looking on the bright side it is better to lose slowly since its really a lifestyle change and we'll have an easier time keeping it off

How cool you'll get that gym membership through your school! What is the focus of your Ph.D? I'm studying classical piano.
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