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@krampus I love reading your posts because you always have something exciting going on, that is great!

@leaves How are you liking 30DS so far? I thought that some of the workouts in her Shed & Shred video were pretty easy too, so I went to the next level. Iím not sure about any shoulder exercises, sorry!

@aspen Glad to hear your father is doing better. I hope you make it into the 140s by next week too. From your daily weigh in, I think you can do it!

@oleh how is your fresh start going so far? are you hanging in there?

@Hoopty sounds like you have a good focus. What is the 20 day challenge youíre doing?

Where are you feathers??? July must be a busy month for everyone. Maybe youíre all out enjoying the beautiful weather! Usually we would be in like the 3rd page of chat by now, haha!

Not too much happening on my side. Iíve been sticking to my eating plan and trying to get in some exercise at the same time. This week my body has been stubborn bouncing around in the 157s and then suddenly today I had a drop to 155.8, so I really hope that is not a fluke and it stays around there. I've been feeling a bit hungry at night, so I've decided to re-arrange my points, and eat equal amounts at breakfast, lunch, dinner, then use my "free" points (fruits/veggies) as snacks in between. Also, I found that drinking a tea a few hours after dinner when I get the urge to snack has helped too. By curiosity, I put in my food on myfitnesspal and I manage about 1200-1400 a day, so I'm in the right range for calories.

I also took my measurements, which I havenít done since like last year. I compared them to my measurements when I was most fit and really liked my body (about 5 years ago) and I am only about 1-2 inches off in most spots, so that makes me happy. Actually, I remember at that time I weighed around 155-160, wore a size 6, but Iíve never made it to 145 - it just goes to show that muscle weighs more than fat. I really donít want to weigh 145 and have bigger measurements. I donít want to end up being skinny fat (as I call it)! I know working out is the key- so I have been trying to include that. Once I get moved and settled in after these next few weeks, I am going to start my full on exercise routine.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend feathers!

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