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I have obtained funding for my Ph.D, and the University offers really cheap gym membership (100 for the entire year), so I am planning to sign up and perhaps attend some spinning classes! I think my cycling ways will have prepared me for that kind of challenge. Plus, I like the gym. I know it's awful but I find exercise quite boring, and the gym offers entertainment! I am currently very, very poor, however, so that plan has to wait.

What are you studying? I feel so blessed to be able to pursue a Ph.D. It's what I'm good at, and academia is where I feel most fulfilled, but it certainly isn't particularly conducive to weight loss.

Yeah, I really don't know whether my goal is feasible as my weight seems intractable currently. But I am trying SO hard! 10lbs ago, this would have been a breeze... essentially 1lb a week? No problem! But now, who knows. My long term aim is 120lbs but I am giving myself until summer next year to achieve that. I am attending a beach wedding in California (I've never been) and then spending some time relaxing and exploring and I really want to wear a bikini. I have never worn one before, ever, and I would feel victorious if I could and feel comfortable doing so.

Is there anything you can shake up to try and get your weight moving? A temporary drop in calories? A different kind of exercise? A different kind of diet? I know its difficult to change when you have tried and tested methods (boy, do I!) but if all else fails? If that is you in your pic, you already look very lovely

One of these for each 5lbs lost:
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