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Megan, you know, when I wrote your name, I **knew** I spelled it wrong, but I couldn't remember if it was Meagan or Meaghan or Meghan. And it was none of those -- it was the simplest spelling possible, nothing so elaborate as I made it in my head. Which is just how I roll -- I don't seem to err on the side of simplicity.

Anyway I am so glad you chimed in about this, because it's such a memorable metaphor for how we're so divided in ourselves about our wants & needs.

I'm feeling slightly cocky this morning, despite the heat wave. I have overcome the disappointment and sorrow caused to me, personally, by the Great Trader Joe's Almond Butter Shortage: The repeated sight of completely empty shelves near the peanut butter and the evil cookie butter where the almond butter should be. The indignity of having to be on a waiting list and being limited to three jars per purchase. Heck with that. I finally poured a bag of roasted unsalted almonds into my food processor and made my own. Turned out great. The only issue was the perennial cake-batter-and-frosting-like problem of scraping it out and doing an awful lot of licking from the processor container and the scraping tool. I'm trying to tell myself that's a natural reaction and not Bad Behavior on My Part.

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