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Originally Posted by saef View Post
Jen, your plight is calling to mind the way Meghan talks about herself sometimes. She says of these occasions that Fat Meghan somehow broke out of the room where Meghan has locked her. These jail breaks are temporary. They are a reaction to the way we watch ourselves so carefully and live such planned-out lives. When we let ourselves offleash, boy, do we make a run for it. I think you're tired of running and you will come back again and willingly accept the collar & leash.
It's true. Sometimes Fit Megan has to wrestle Fat Megan into submission. It can take a few days. Other times FM comes slinking home. More and more often the return to routine and sanity of lean proteins and plentiful veggies is a welcome relief to both of these crazy creatures running around in my head.

Speaking of schedule and routine, I would love to have that right now. Unpaid overtime stinks. The weather is still terrible and the dog and I once again got poured on when we tried to go for a walk this morning. I was really looking forward to the exercise. Alright, whining concluded.

Becky, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Hope people are having a good weekend.
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