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Ready for a Change Yeah, considering my past, I try not to get too hung up on the numbers Like I'm supposed to take a day off once a week in this challenge, but I'm feeling guilty about doing that! I too normally go over if I'm starving bc I try listening to my body. Oh I hate how sedentary I am during the school year This past year my days went from 8-11 almost every day, and on the weekends I'd just sleep, do homework, clean, run errands ect and have no time for exercise. This year I'm thinking it might be a bit easier bc my schedule is less full and I finished two really hard classes, so hopefully I'll be able to find time to exercise, because what happens is I just stop eating and live off energy drinks and lose weight from being unhealthy, which is like worse then just staying the same and being healthy in my opinion. Maybe you could do online videos or something since you're at home a lot? Or join a cycling club that meets on the weekends?

I would LOVE to make it to 145 by August, but I don't know if that's very realistic since my weight loss has stalled so much lately I do know I'll be under 150 though! My parents scale has showed me in the 140s, but I'm not counting it. I still don't have *my* scale back and I don't really trust any others haha I'm sure you'll get into the 130's by August!
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