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When I began losing weight, I was in an incredibly bad place and I became absolutely obsessed with calorie counting. I became convinced that if I ate 1201 (rather than the 1200 I was hoping for) not only would I fail to lose weight, I would put weight on. I now how ludicrous that sounds, but I was very depressed at the time and I don't think I was really functioning properly. Now, if I am very hungry, I will allow myself to go 200/300 calories over as I know I will still be well within an acceptable range. If your body is screaming at you, I don't think it is particularly healthy - mentally or physically - to ignore it.

I am painfully sedentary currently. I normally cycle and walk fairly long distances quite regularly. Generally I cycle/walk at least 3/4 miles in a day... as I walk back and forth from University. At present, however, I am working on my masters dissertation and often do so at home, and I don't ever exercise for exercises sake. That's going to have to change though, as I move on to my Ph.D this September, and that's even more solitary and sedentary home time

So, do you think we will make it out of the 150s/140s this month? That's my aim! I would love to be 135 by August.

One of these for each 5lbs lost:
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