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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
There is water weight lost with every oz of fat.
We also lose lean tissue (connective tissue, unneccary blood vessles, etc) as we downsize. All of this is weight on the scale but it is NOT linear. People who stress over it will slow down their weight loss by increasing cortisol production.
Lisa - I appreciate the reference to cortisol production because I've just come to understand that cortisol is one of the things that activates the production of insulin - and I used to get hypoglycemic so quickly. Not on the IP diet, tho. It is such a relief to go 6 -7 hours and not be hungry after having my main meat/fish meal at noon! I'm just cruising and have to push myself to eat again--a packaged meal-- by 8P. But if I get really anxious, stressed, it isn't the same! I go through the same strange differences in the amount of weight lost, too. So many factors to consider. I believe that when I eat some of those soy nuts or anything else that is so salty, I don't show any weight loss that day. Feel like I'm being re-introduced to my body.
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