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Ready for a Change haha thanks I find that maintaining muscle does slow down weight loss. Through exercise I'm trying to keep all the muscle I have and am trying not to lose too much. I want to be firm, not just skinny. It is really frustrating with the scale though Socializing whilst dieting is very hard :/ For me its the alcohol thats the worst. I limit myself to only drinking once a month because for me the calories just aren't worth it. Maybe when it comes to take away you could make a rule that you only eat it once a week? I used to eat out a lot, and I find by slowly phasing it out(like pizza only once per week, thai every other week act) I saw quicker progress and eventually stopped craving those foods as much. Instead for socializing through drinking or eating out, now I like to cook healthy dinners with people, go to farmers markets, take walks, go hiking act I try to not make it as much about food Good luck with finding a good balance for yourself!

Soooo....I'm in this cool 20 day hardcore challenge and its forcing me to stick to my strength training workout Also making me stick to calories better. I have a question for you you go over your allotted calories for the day if you're really really hungry? Or do you just suck it up?

So here was today's workout:

100 crunches
50 bicycle men
25 butterflies
50 sit ups
50 leg ups
50 reverse crunches
65 leg raises
120 sec plank
250 squats

Also probably will end up going for a walk, since I'm visiting the bf and walking is like our favorite thing to do

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