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Morning all. Happy Fourth of July!!

Mel - Hope it's a quiet long weekend in the building for you and your friend. Love the FoJ graphic!!

Shad - Hope the flights arrive as scheduled & you enjoy your visitors.

Michelle - I hope the migraine didn't go full blown on you. So I take it you decided not to go to Tahoe? Stay cool!! So crazy hot in your part of the country.

Ceejay - Sorry work was such a mess yesterday. Hope the electrician fixed the panel and you're back to business as usual. Or are you off work for the weekend???

Hellos to Annie & Happy.
It was nice getting home early yesterday. I prepped for taco night and walked doggy. Tacos - yummmmm.

This morning was Jazzercise class. Right now I'm considering if I want to walk a few blocks up to the parade downtown - it starts in about 90 min.

Nothing else firmly planned for today except our village fireworks display at 9:30. Prolly gonna grill some chicken and corn.

That's it for me. Everyone have a great day.

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