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Originally Posted by Tuscany View Post
I guess it's a case of each to his or her own. I find weighing daily does help, since it has allowed me to see the pattern. Whenever I'm going up and down, I now know that ultimately I will see a I don't sweat the ups and downs. If I didn't weigh daily, I would never have discovered the pattern. Depending on where in the "up and down" cycle I was, I would just see a loss one week, a gain another week, no change the next week, etc., and I would wonder what the heck was going on!
I totally agree!!!!! Admittedly, at first, before I discovered the pattern, I was on the brink of insanity. Just look back to my old posts here complaining about no weight loss.

I just really wish I understood the biology behind it. I always used to think it was about calorie deficit meaning, as long as I was consuming fewer calories than I was using, the difference in lbs would come off. Older diets seemed to work that way. But then again, older diets never really worked or stuck long term. So maybe the fact that this is different is a good thing? Does it have to do with burning fat vs losing muscle? The analytical side of my brain wants to know.
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