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Good Morning Chicklets...this is my Friday! YEAH!! 4 day weekend, excited to do nothing except maybe go fishing tomorrow with C. Probably spend some time with Sam and the babe on Friday, who knows what else may go on....I do have to cut the front grass, got the back grass done Monday after work, but it has been raining every night since and have not been able to cut the front.

Last night was uneventful, a h*llish storm came through about 6 pm. We watched 3 episodes of season 2 of Smallville and went to bed. Had a hard time getting to sleep but finally konked out. Sassy thought 8:30 was too early to be in bed and was all about playing so it was about 9:15 before sleep took over.

Day 3 of Advocare. I can say I am a little more energetic but cannot see any significant difference yet. Day 3 or 4 are supposed to be one of the ah ha moments of this diet. We will see. It it not really hard to stick with at all.

My knees have healed, the backs of my legs finally quit hurting (from running up and down stairs in St. Louis), however my bad ankle that I broke when preggers with DS is giving me fits. Been rubbing it with stinky stuff every night and again in the morning before work. I am hoping it is all this rain making it hurt and not arthritis setting in. I won't be able to walk if that is the case. I am walking like the dragged foot monster now. haha

SHADDIE...I would be so excited to see Ms. Sophia. She is almost a year old and now will have her own little stubborn personality. Goodluck with that. haha.

MELLIE....I say that abso f*ckin lutely thing quite often to C or my kids about things. I think it is a funny one. Goodluck with the girls, togetherness, ain't it wunnerful? haha

LAURA...a friend of mine, a guy no less, said on FB to avoid see WWZ as it was awful. Good choice not to go. How did WI go?

CHELLE...did you get your project done?

CEEG...we are having mild weather and lots of rain here. bleh

HAPPY...are you recovering from your company and working?

HAPPY 4th Of JULY in the U.S...happy Thursday/Friday SHADWICK!

Better get some work done today, early release for the 4th of July holiday!

Loves and Hugs.


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