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Happy September
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I thought I had better post now before Jen comes down again.
The kids did my food shopping & in return I treated them to dinner.
We said goodbye and I jumped into the shower. Ready for bed.
Now the girls want to come down to watch NCIS or a movie.
This togetherness is going to be the death of me

I ran into a politician and he asked me if everything was OK.
I answered "absof_ckinglutely".
I thought he would fall down laughing.
He said he's going to use it on other people.
He wanted to know if I needed anything as he heard I am somewhat retired.
I told him I used to be r e t a r ded and now I am retired.
He told me I can't use that word anymore.
It's politically incorrect. Then he laughed and repeated my word.
I told him politicians can't use that one either it could cost votes
(3fc has some serious censoring going on here now)

I am going to spend the day with Rosie tomorrow.
We worked together for many years. I love her dearly.
I sit here praying they get the tumor and the oncologist finds no cancer.
I can hardly believe this is even happening.

Anyway...I will be gone for the day & wanted to say hello to you gals tonite. Sweet dreams everyone and good morning sunshine!

Shad...tomorrow is not good for me and once again I am so sorry.
I know I have not been a good friend to you and your issues.
When your kids leave let me know when will be a good time.
Sending you my love & a hug.
Try not to harm the Ex whilst he is there.
I seriously don't have enough money to get you out of jail...
or even for a good lawyer!!!
Although I am sure it would be a case of JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE!!
PS: I can just see you doing his bidding.....NOT!!! ROFLMAO
It's that most colorful time of the year!

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