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Tina, neat idea about the flag cake! I want a piece.

Maureen, I wouldn't want to be around that many people in the heat either!

Tim and Lauren will be gone from Thurs-Sun. Her best friend is getting married, and Lauren is in the wedding. I have to admit, it will be nice to have the house to myself for a few days.

Tim had been working so many hours, so he really wasn't home that much for several months. He switched private ambulance companies a few weeks ago, so he is home more now, but that will change the end of July because he will be going to the police academy again.

Lauren and I get along, but she tends to be a bit on the lazy side. I sat down earlier and made a list of things that the 3 of us need to talk about. When they moved in last June, they had agreed to do certain things around the house, and it isn't being done. I figure I'm doing my part of the bargain, so she can too. Since Tim is home more right now, he can do more also. I guess I'm a meany.

Next Saturday will be a family reunion on my mother's side. I still have no idea what I will take. Thinking maybe meatballs with bbq sauce in the crock pot. We have it at a cousin's house, and the food is always inside so I'd have a place to plug it in.
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