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Hi Turtles,
Just as fast as it is to fall off track, that's how fast I came back OP. Days have been good. I made lite French toast this morning for breakfast and topped it with blueberries. Delish.

As far as the fourth, every year our nephew has a family party, so we'll all go. We'll end up at my daughter's where her neighborhood has a great fireworks display. I really love fireworks. Hangover from a kid, I guess, but I think they are magical. I'm bringing frosting free cupcakes to the party as well as a more fattening dessert. My dh watches his sugar, so this is a good plan.

Princess, I hope you get all the stuff done you want to. : I've been outside weeding every day for only 15 min. I actually bring a timer with me. It's not fun, but then I hop in the pool and that's great. The weird thing is that a daily 15min. is enough to make a difference. We are thinking of what we want to do with the backyard and we're making plans. Trying to make it pretty with low/no maintenance. I think we'll figure it out.

Bandit, I hope your WI was good and that you're pleased. :

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