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Originally Posted by KittyKatFan View Post
This is a really interesting thread, particularly because I'm in the middle of reading "Intuitive Eating" and it has already helped me turn a corner, I think

I have been getting treatment for BED, and have made tremendous progress, IMO, on the binging side. I am much better able to reduce the pre-binge anxiety and the urges to binge. When I have binged, I have been able to contain the damage to one day and get back on track, compared to the "well, I will get back to it on Monday" mindset I used to have.

My biggest challenge has been restriction. Not because I wanted to lose weight, but because of an intense fear that I would gain weight if I ate everything prescribed by the treatment team's meal plan. I have been very resistant to letting go and giving myself totally to the process.

I'm not even halfway through IE and I feel like I can do it. The center where I go teaches us that IE is the way to go but I worried so much about eating past fullness (like others have cited, I have trouble reading fullness cues). But now I understand that the meal plan is there to help me with identifying the portion sizes that are appropriate and will get me to fullness.

Anyway, I also read Overcoming Overeating and yes, IE is similar. But IE has just clicked for me. The scales are out of the house, I am choosing the foods I crave rather than just going for what I think I "should" eat, and I even succeeded in eating a donut for breakfast guilt-free (a donut challenge started my last two binges ). I still think I may be eating too much, but like clockwork, the hunger cues have popped up every 3-4 hours.

Still early days, but I feel so proud and confident. And free.
Im glad you mentioned the IE book. I always loved Overcoming Overeating but IE takes it so much further. I just started reading it and I am really happy with it so far. Im so glad IE is working for you!

Originally Posted by DanielleGraceP View Post
Intuitive Eating is one of my favorite books! I also love Women, Food, and God. I gave up dieting a few years ago and can honestly say it really helped me kick binging to the curb. It was certainly a process and didn't work for me right away but with enough time and persistence it did. I also found it very important to be really kind and loving to myself and not beat myself up for every slip up I had. I got really aware too of all the feelings I was pushing aside by eating. This helped immensely!
Yes I think it really helps to become aware of what feelings I am stuffing down with food. Something that has really helped me feel aware is just always eating in the same place (at the dining room table) with nothing else to do other than eat. I find that I pay attention to my food and really am more aware of why I am eating and sometimes realize I am bored or sad or whatever.

Originally Posted by surfergirl2 View Post
Another benefit of letting go of the food can actually tell how the food really makes you feel. This morning, i ate a very large, sugary breakfast, and i felt really tired afterward. No guilt, just tired. I think i always experienced that before, but it was covered up by the guilt...i never even knew that carbs actually made me physically tired, i thought it was just me being depressed!
I have found this to be totally true! Once the guilt voices go away you can start to notice how you feel. If you are busy beating yourself up for eating chocolate you don't even notice that actually suddenly you feel kind of light headed and tired. I am tuning even more into that and discovering I don't like how I feel when I have a bunch of sugary stuff.

Originally Posted by kellycg102 View Post
Ok so I haven't posted in awhile........still trying to figure me quite a job lol I have an appointment with a counsellor who specializes in having a healthy relationship with food. It is pricey $160 for an hour and I have no coverage, so I am not sure how often I can go, or how often she would like me to see her. My appointment isn't until July 9th but I have been doing low carb for a couple months with a couple slip ups, but haven't lost anything. So I thought why the **** am I doing this and getting no results. At least the first time I lost 50lbs.......results help to stay on track. So I am on day 2 of not dieting....again. Gosh it is scary.....and just hard to let go of everything I have learned over the years about how I "should" eat......I do know that I have to be careful with carbs.....only becuase as much as I love them, I feel like crap when I eat them. So just trying to eat healthy, have something if I want it and try not to binge.
How are you doing? It is scary to let go.

I have been plodding along on my journey. My journey is a little different because of the nursing but here is what I have discovered:

I am hungry. really really hungry. I can't deny myself anymore. When I am craving junk food, its actually because Im really hungry. Apparently breastfeeding lowers your blood sugar so when you need a quick fix the sugary goods appeal. But really twinkies are not what your body is trying to tell you it needs. Its thinking more along the lines of yams or carrots or fruit. So my old pattern was to eat a meal and then be done because I couldnt possibly eat any more than that because it was "too much". But I would feel like I wanted something sweet after the meal. Commence gorging on chocolate or ice cream or whatever. Because I actually still was hungry! So I was eating a treat to satisfy my hunger and ended up eating a ton of junk because its not really high up on the nutrition spectrum and my body was trying to get what it needs.

New pattern. Eat a meal. think to myself, does a treat sound really good right now? If it does, eat more food, have seconds whatever and suddenly I am aware I am at the satiation point and I realize sugary foods do not sound appealing in the least. Also if its between meals and I suddenly am craving a pop tart, I know take that as the sign that I am hungry. And I go get something to eat like REAL food. And then I feel fine. It took legalizing foods to realize this though. The other day I wanted a pop tart after lunch. I obviously allowed myself to have it but I ate it without guilt and realized hey I am actually still really hungry and this is NOT hitting the spot. So I put it away and made myself a sandwich. I find that I am not craving chocolate or treats anymore. I have a bar of chocolate that has been sitting untouched on the top of the fridge for almost two weeks now. This is unheard of in the past few years. I would have felt compelled to polish off the entire bar in a night or maybe two nights just so it wouldnt be in the house anymore. But if I wanted it, I would go eat it and it would be ok.

When I first legalized foods I ate a lot of cookies and donuts instead of meals. Then I started eating lots of cookies and donuts after meals. Then I started eating lots of pasta and breads. Then I suddenly realized I really wanted some protein and I went crazy on meat for a while. I just came out of that yesterday and am suddenly craving fruits and vegetables. I think our body really does know what we need if we can listen to it. I am still in the fledgeling stages and I know I will have steps forward and back. But I feel good about where I am going.

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