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andi24 Thanks! How did 6 flags go?

dragonstar85 150s have been really hard for me too! It really does get so much harder each decade But we can do it!

deb813 Hope your neck is doing better! Don't worry, as long as you keep going you WILL reach the 140s

kairyudo Welcome!

CaityCait88 It is scary how easy it is to fall into old habits :/ And its doubly frustrating when you get to lower weights because I know for me 1-2 off could result in a gain even if I'm perfect the rest of the week. I think the important thing to do is just get back on the wagon but in small steps. Especially if you went off for more then a couple days because trying to go full force could end up just making you discouraged. So try getting back on the first day by drinking all your water or doing some exercise for example. For a week add back a healthy habit each day. Accomplishing those small goals will make you feel more secure again that you can get back on track, good luck!

curlyfroyo You're so close to breaking out of the 40s! You can do it!

Sorry I've been MIA. Its been really busy lately I've gone a little off plan bc for some reason TOM is being psychotic this month. Usually TOM comes and goes and there's no pain, no crazy mood swings, a few cravings but nothing too awful. Well this month it was late and its been a nightmare. I've been like depressed all week, have had monster cravings, lethargic, in tons of pain, and totally exhausted Ugh I'm just waiting for it to pass...

Anyways, feeling a little better today, so back on track from slipping up a little earlier in the week
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