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Default This Is What Did It...

Hi everyone! Here's something wanted to tell you about. My husband used to drink several cans of a certain diet cola every day. For a long time, I had encouraged him to drink something that wasn't so harmful to his body. But, he was just too attached to his diet drink. His weight was at a life-time high of 255.

Unrelated to this, I decided to take advantage of a sale Whole Foods was having on a Vitamix blender. What I didn't anticipate was that he began making smoothies every day...all on his own. But, he was not doing the ice cream or sherbet thing that Jamba Juice does. Instead, he was blending organic spinach, bananas, berries, flaxseed, ice, and a little agave for sweetness. His cola consumption went to zero. He lost 10-lbs within the first two weeks without changing anything else. That got him interested in eating healthier. And, he started walking, too. Over the last five weeks, he's lost 22-lbs so far.

We had a Ninja blender, and it did OK at blending. But, in my opinion, the Vitamix blends veggies way better than the Ninja ever did. And, I love the way it acts likes its own dishwasher. The Vitamix was pricey (Costco has the best price I've seen). But, it turns out to be one of the best Mother's Day presents I ever bought myself.
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