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Originally Posted by mimsyborogoves View Post
One of my favorite parts of summer is iced coffee! However, it seems the only way you can get it aside from making it yourself is at a coffee shop like Starbucks or fast food places, and while that's not necessarily unhealthy depending on what you order, it can get expensive! So, naturally, I want to try making it myself to save $$. Have any of you ever tried this? How did it turn out and what have you found is the best/easiest/quickest way to make it? Do they make iced coffee makers? Tell me your iced coffee secrets!
I add brown sugar to the ground coffee and water mix before putting in the refrigerator to “brew”. It’s delicious! (and no annoying sugar crystals I make this in a 1 qt jar, so it’s 3/4 cup course ground coffee, 1/4 – 1/3 cup brown sugar and 1 quart of water. Thanks for sharing how long it will last. Not knowing how long it would store is why I make small batches.
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