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Hi Turtles,
Bandit, thanks for the cauliflower recipe. It'll be great for this summer while we wait for the main course. Enjoy your weekend with friends. I've had a couple of funerals and it's sad and gets my mind in the wrong place.

Princess, love seeing your dogs on facebook.

Life, did you decide to do the activity link with WW's? I bought a Fitbit and haven't even unwrapped it yet. Ugh and Lol. Not really my thing, but I'm looking for a way to get this weight off.

Bought some WW snacks at my meeting yesterday. I plan on eating as close to Simply Filling/Core as I can and then have one WW snack a day to count in as points plus. I know that will work. Have started a bad habit of eating nuts for no reason (dh needs them in the house) and it sets me back.
Today is beautiful here and I plan to get a lot done.

Talk soon!
Hi to all the Turtles, Cherry and Terri and the gals we've met along the way.
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