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Originally Posted by PaintedPonies View Post
June has been a downward spiral for me.
I was doing so well. I was working hard on the farm, eating well, losing weight, wasn't so food obsessed... Then I went home, and Bagels, Bread, Pasta, Cookies, etc. etc. etc.
All I wanted when I was home was bread, and that's pretty much what I ate.
When I got back from visiting home, my eating habits didn't return to how they were before going home, but they turned back to binging. I've been doing so terribly
I've gained back the weight I lost, my face has broken out, and I feel awful!
So, today is Day 1 again! I need to do this. I'm so sick of feeling so disappointed in myself for the night before, but then just doing it again. I'll probably be back tonight when I'm battling those post-dinner binge cravings. And I REFUSE to follow through on them this time!!!
Downward spiral is right, just when I think I can't get any's my day one. I find my carb cravings are much worse when I'm tired, too tired to focus on anything else but food, sometimes I don't even notice I'm actually tired until I lay down but the cravings will be there. I'm going to work on getting 8hrs+ of sleep a night, there's no reason why I can't

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