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Dottington 50 pounds! That's AWESOME! And 2 pounds IS a lot, especially in a week! Every pound counts, especially when you get near goal...each little few pounds makes a noticeable difference. Well done!

Tofulover I'm glad your week is going well! Nice on saying no to the sweets...I know that's the hardest part. As a nanny I have similar challenges, particularly when the kids mom makes cookies. Or when I have to feed the kids something I really want. "every no to some cookie/cake/etc is a yes to my health and commitment to change my " LOVE this quote!

Thanks ladies! I definitely know that if I had said YES to the shortcake the rest of the day would have gone to **** in a handbasket, so it was the right decision but it wasn't easy. That's one area I've definitely gained a lot of strength in since starting medifast...which is why I think I can do alright if I start phasing out soon (I want to reach 136.5, my healthy BMI first). I never had the will power and mind set to lose weight on my own before, which is why I kept failing so miserably. I feel like I can do better now, I can make better decisions on my own and I know what to look for in good, healthy food. And I CAN say "no" to a strawberry shortcake shoved in front of my face.

I love the idea of having pre-made meals for the week...that would make things so much easier! I will try that!

I'm so glad to have found this group...things may be a little easier right now because I have everything laid out for me, but I know as soon as I'm off Medifast I'm going to need a lot of encouragement and meal ideas. That's what I'm most nervous about, not knowing what to eat...particularly at first, and making bad choices. Everything is at my fingertips right now...which is one of the downfalls of Medifast I works GREAT but it doesn't prepare you for lifelong maintenance. Or it does, in the transition phase, which I'm close to starting...but even then you eat a lot of their foods. The ideas are GREAT...eating 6 small meals, lots of veggies, limit carbs...those things I'll keep with me for my lifestyle change.
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