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andi24 - well done on the strawberry shortcake! if you're anything at all like me, the strawberry shortcake could have possibly led to even more cravings for sweets, so good for you! going off medifast is a great idea to set you up for maintenance. i would suggest maybe doing a lot of your own meal prep so that you're still kind of eating "pre-made" meals. i eat 90% whole foods right now, and having meals ready for the week ensures i can save up my willpower for more challenging things.

dottington- thanks. as much as i've tried the daily weighing, it doesn't work for me. CONGRATS on your 2 lb loss! I understand the struggle with the slow loss, part of the reason i've ditched the scale. the thing to remember is that no matter how slow it's coming off, it's coming off... and if you keep going, you'll get there! so don't let frustration get you down.

i've had a good week so far. as a teacher, i'm constantly bombarded with sweets from my students (but every workplace has its unique challenges), but i remind myself that every no to some cookie/cake/etc is a yes to my health and commitment to change my lifestyle.
Enjoy your life!
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