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Tofulover Weekends are the WORST! Good luck on your scale break! Congrats on making it this far!!

Dottington I'm glad Chinatown was fun! Good for you, sticking with healthy choices eating out...that's always hard!!

Three times this weekend I decided that I was going to have a cheat day, and when it came down to it, I changed my I was proud of myself for that. We were about to go to a Vietnamese restaurant, but then I backed out and looked up the easiest ethnic restaurant to eat healthy...and found this absolutely adorable little Peruvian place where I had DELICIOUS raw tilapia in lemon juice, a dish I never in a million years would have ordered had I not been on a strict plan, and I loved it turns out this diet is making me venture into new things! The waiter was totally nice too, he sat down and showed me everything they could make to meet my needs...yeah, he got a 35% tip.

Then I backed away from a strawberry shortcake that I had already paid for and was ready to eat...I gave it to my cousin and walked away. I just kept reminding myself of the two pounds I had lost the day before. I didn't do so hot on the work out front this weekend, but I was happy I stayed on plan all weekend, when I full heartedly decided NOT to.

I've come to a decision though...Medifast is just getting too expensive. I LOVE the program, the food, the benefits, but I hate the cost. So I'm thinking I'll start phasing out of the program, transitioning to wholefoods, once I hit the higher end of my healthy weight. I'll still have about 10 pounds to go after that but I hope I can do alright on my own. I've also decided that my goal reward is going to be a belly button piercing...I've always wanted one, but always been too fat for one.
One for every 5lb lost!

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