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Originally Posted by Just Dance Girl View Post
We like to make a big pot of soup once a week (big!) with every vegetable we can find in it. And lentils and beans for protein. Sometimes we put in chicken or beef.

It's very healthy, vitaminful, fiberish, and totally fills you up. And cheap-cheap.

Each time we use different spices to change it up. My fav is Mexican with salsa and cilantro. Tomorrow I'm trying pizza soup. Sounds weird, I hope it's good.

I usually have it for lunch, sometimes also for dinner.
Pizza soup? That sounds really good!!! Can I ask what's in it and/or the recipe for that, please? Soup is a great idea- it really does fill you up (2 bowls for sure does and it's still pretty low in calories as well.)

This just reminded me of an old favorite soup of mine-faux loaded baked potato soup. One bag of cauliflower (frozen) or a head of cauliflower boiled in approx. 2-3 cups chicken broth (just enough to cover the cauliflower- use appropriate size of pot so you won't need as much liquid) until it's soft (easily broken by a spoon or fork), one potato pureed with immersion blender (or a regular blender, just be careful because heat can build up and make the lid pop off- speaking from experience. ) then add your topping of choice to pot or bowl (sour cream, preferably greek yogurt, bacon, (cubed) ham, butter, faux butter, chives/scallions, onions, cheese, corn, broccoli, cream cheese or etc- your choice) while it's still hot. Easy, cheap and FILLING!
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