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Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post
Just so true about how paying attention to when we are actually hungry instead of following a specific diet takes so much more work in the beginning. People who have followed diet plans for so long are just not used to doing this. It gets easier though, at least for me. It sounds like you are really learning alot about yourself and are coming a long ways with your thoughts. I am happy this thread has been helpful for you.
Thanks! I am learning but I feel like I am learning that its impossible.

Here are my challenges.
1st: the nursing! My baby is a year old but still eats very little solid food and nurses a ton. I am always HUNGRY. yet, I must be eating over my caloric needs because I either stay the same weight or gain a little weight and have to be careful and conscious to get back down to my 30 lbs overweight. So its really hard to get in touch with my body when I feel like its lying to me.

2nd: I want to wind down after the kids are in bed with FOOD. The problem is I am a little hungry from the bedtime nursing AND I want to unwind and relax. My husband pops in Killzone ( a first person shooter) to relax and unwind. I realized that I need a Killzone. I am totally conscious of the fact that I really am not that hungry and that I don't need to eat chocolate to satisfy my bodys physical needs but my mental self tells me that in fact yes in order to relax and unwind I DO need chocolate and if I don't have it I am miserable. And I say chocolate loosely. I usually eat way over my hunger needs when I eat treats at night.

Things I have improved on:

I have gotten MUCH better at eating slowly. At first I was really anxious about going slow, it was SO hard. now it is slowly becoming more of a habit and I do find myself leaving food on my plate more and more as I realize that I am not hungry anymore. (problem is I often seem to think Im full before I really am and then end up snacking after meals. I need to get better at figuring out my real satiety point. Again, a challenge with the nursing and the constant hunger)

I also am eating more mindfully. Even when I eat my treats at night now I am sitting at the table doing nothing but eating. No reading or tv or computer.

I have gotten much better at legalizing food and not feeling guilt for eating treats. I just recognize that I have a need that is not hunger that I am filling with food. And I am getting better at identifying what those needs are. However, it still doesn't seem to stop me from eating yet.

So improvements but its still very daunting. Sorry to blather on about myself, I just hope that reading my thought process and challenges could help someone else down the road.

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