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Originally Posted by thnknthin1 View Post
. . . I also think about my next meals all the time, even days ahead. Especially if I have something special planned. You're not alone, lots of us do it! Most of the time it's what will I put on my salad for lunch or what fruit do I want to add to my greek yogurt or what veggies will we fix for dinner tonight. Far cry from the days of what drive thru will I hit later.
Me, too. For example, today, I've been thinking that tomorrow after CrossFit class, I'll head to a local bakery and get two small cupcakes and a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast (I have calories enough to "afford" this). I also have to think about food ahead of time because, as you imply, it takes planning to eat healthy. When I was fat and not dieting, I thought about food a lot less. This is what separates me from "naturally thin" people. The latter are able to intuitively manage their weight without thinking about food too much. I cannot do that.
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