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Skinnynelle That's kind of how I am too, actually. I would LOVE to get down to 122, so I can say I lost 50 pounds, but if I'm happy at 130 and I'm having trouble losing anymore, I'm totally fine with 130 being my goal. As long as it's under 136 (with a little legroom) because that's my healthy bmi!

Dottington when are you getting it back? You go girl, for doing so well without it for so long!!! Have a GREAT time in LA and Chinatown! Totally jealous, I LOVE the one in cheap and amazing!

The Revolution rolls are great because on MF I can't have bread...and the "bread" substitutions using the soup packets just aren't good. ANd this way I can count it as part of my lean and green meal instead of a medifast meal. I love my sandwiches, so I was excited to find such a great substitute...but it's NOT like real bread, if you love your carbs Its on plan for medifast, and my mom does weight watchers, it's 1 point for 2 rolls.


*3 eggs at room temperature (I put them in hot water for a few minutes)
*3 T light/reduced fat/regular/fat free cream cheese (SOFTENED)...whatever you prefer (I use reduced fat or regular so I can count it toward my healthy fat!)
*A pinch of cream of tartar
*1 packet/1 t stevia, truvia, splenda, sugar, whatever you use (I use truvia)

preheat oven to 350
separate yokes from whites
add cream of tartar to whites
beat whites to form stiff peaks. If you turn the bowl upside down, it should stay in the bowl!

In separate bowl, combine softened cream cheese, truvia, and yokes, stir until well blended.
Fold yoke mixture into whites
divide into six equal parts on cookie pan, lined with wax paper
bake for 20-25 minutes (until they are golden brown on top...too long and they get stale-tasting, they should be light and fluffy)

Yesterday I had a chicken salad sandwich, and this morning was my egg, beef and cheese sandwich, delicious!

Note that the second pic was a different batch from the first...much darker, I cooked it a few minutes too long, but it still tasted pretty good.

Hope everyone has a terrific father's day weekend!!
One for every 5lb lost!

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