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Originally Posted by lin43 View Post
Yes, this is exactly what happened to me in my past attempts at IE.

I realized that three pieces of a large pizza is enough to satisfy me. Two (maybe even one) will take away the hunger, but I will not be satisfied without three. Four, for me, would be eating just for eating's sake; that fourth piece would not be as pleasurable for me to eat as the previous three, so I'm okay with three. As I mentioned on another thread, I do not believe I am a binger. I am an overeater, though. If I get enough of what I want, I will not continue to eat or even think about food. For instance, on Thursday night, I had three slices of pizza. I did not think about food for the rest of the night. The problem is that to get enough of what I want, I would have to overeat, and then I would gain. Maybe not much (10 lbs or so), but for my mindset right now, that is too much. I have been toying with the idea of applying two rules that take into account my intuitive eating habits but still provides me with some structure: eat two meals per day (that seems to be enough if I really don't just mindlessly eat); don't eat after dinner, except occasional (2 times a week) dessert.
Lin43 - hows the 2 rules working out for you? On my days off I generally eat just two meals unless I am unusually hungry. On my work days though I eat 3. The day is just too long, but my meals tend to be smaller than on days I eat just 2 meals. Every now and again I will just have one big meal but not very often. I pretty well never eat anything after dinner. When I do I tend to get bingeing urges. But on the rare occasion that I do want something, I have it and use it as practice to sit through those bingeing urges. I try to think of it as a positive opportunity to rewire my brain.
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